All products from Peppermint cycling come with a  one (1) year warranty. If your product shows a weakness, we do offer a repair service. Write to us at info@peppermintcycling.com including photos of your product and a proof of purchase and we’ll see what we can do to revamp it.
If the item can’t be repaired, we will offer a replacement or compensation, depending on the state of the defective item and the product's availability.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, excessive usage or accidental damage. For accidental damage, see crash replacement section below.

In order to return your defective product, the first step is to contact our customer service at info@peppermintcycling.com including photos of the issue and context to justify your complaint. Your email must include a proof of purchase.

All items returned for a repair or other warranty reasons must be clean (washed and dried). If this condition is not met, we may return the products back to you.

Crash replacement

We are sorry if you had an accident on the road or during training. We understand that sometimes an accident is unavoidable. If you had an accident with your Peppermint apparel, please send us photos at info@peppermintcycling.com and we will offer you a 40% discount on the regular price of the item if it is still in stock or a similar item if it’s no longer available.

The crash replacement offer is only valid on products still covered by our 1 year warranty. 


Should you have more questions, visit the Shipping, Returns & Warranty section at the bottom of the www.peppermintcycling.com website or send us an email at info@peppermintcycling.com. We are always happy to help!





I accept the Terms of Use of peppermintcycling.com. I understand that any item purchased on peppermintcycling.com OUTLET or SAMPLES is neither exchangeable nor refundable, unless the item received is defective or does not match its description on the website.

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