• Taking Care of Your Bike with MINT'N DRY

  • 5 Tips for Starting to Train Indoors

    5 Tips for Starting to Train Indoors
    Regardless of how well we might outfit ourselves with PEPPERMINT Fall riding kit, there comes a time in every bike season when venturing outside becomes more challenging. Whether it is the lack of daylight, back-to-back rainy days, or cold winds and temperatures, for many of us, the time has come for indoor training. Fortunately, PEPPERMINT just launched an indoor training collection; lightweight pieces perfect...
  • Post-Ride Yoga Session with Anne-Marie Gourgues

    Post-Ride Yoga Session with Anne-Marie Gourgues
    PEPPERMINT ambassador and yoga and mindfulness teacher, Anne-Marie Gourgues, prepared this after-ride yoga session especially for us! Although this one is ideal for a post-ride recovery, you can also choose to practise with Anne-Marie anywhere and at anytime.  We invite you to take the time to stop, lay your yoga mat under the sun or wherever you feel most comfortable and unwind with this peaceful...
  • How to Ride a Gnarly Chute on Your Bike

    How to Ride a Gnarly Chute on Your Bike
    One of my favourite things about biking, is that there’s always a challenging section on your casual bike trails that been on your mind for a while. You are just waiting for the perfect moment; - “You know, THE perfect weather and THAT good feeling, when it’s finally the day you hit it. Oh yes, you know what I am talking about!” I have...
  • Homemade Cycling Snack Recipes

    Homemade Cycling Snack Recipes
    Hey there, I’m Anne-Marie Gourgues, a PEPPERMINT ambassador! I am a holistic nutrition and health coach. I truly believe that human beings not only eat what is on their plates, but also feed on everything that surrounds them. Holistic nutrition is a global approach to nutrition where the person and its environment are considered as a whole, which can include the person’s physical, emotional,...
  • Top 5 Rides Near Toronto

    Top 5 Rides Near Toronto
    Collingwood and Thornbury are destination towns for anybody seeking outdoor adventure in Southern Ontario. A two-hour drive north of Toronto, both towns serve as ideal starting points for a day of riding up and down the Niagara Escarpment. The proximity to Georgian Bay allows for incredible views, but also big winds – come prepared for all weather when you ride in Grey and Simcoe...

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