Five skills to practise for a smooth start to the mountain bike season

With the arrival of spring and warmer temperatures, we all want to jump on our bikes and pedal at a hundred miles an hour, hair flowing in the wind. However, since moderation is always better, it's never a bad idea to opt for a progressive return to the saddle.

After a winter spent on skis, it is important to remind your body and mind of the technical basics of mountain biking so that you can approach the trails with confidence and solidity, which can be achieved with a good preparation. Believe me, this start-of-season preparation makes ALL the difference.

All of these exercises are essential to our development as mountain bikers, both for beginners and professionals. As a beginner, they allow us to properly learn the basics of mountain biking and to develop good reflexes while riding the trails. For intermediate and professional riders, they allow us to get back to the basics so we can better take on bigger obstacles and get out of our comfort zone with confidence.

It's skills session time now.
Enjoy the process and have fun!

- Marine Lewis, Peppermint ambassador

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