One-on-One with Rebecca Beaumont


Meet Rebecca Beaumont, a fearless, strong and ambitious athlete. For a third year now, she chose to ride with PEPPERMINT, fiercely representing our brand and values through her journey. 

She has many projects ahead and shares a few tips for girls who want to start mountain biking. Read on :) 


1.Describe yourself briefly.

I am someone who loves to diversify her interests, who is animated by challenge and who lives her life at 100 mile per hour. Whether it’s in sports, in school, at work or in everyday life, I love to push my limits, learn new things and have an overloaded schedule.


2.What made you choose to pursue cycling professionally?

My very first sport was ice skating, which I practiced for 13 years, playing baseball and soccer during summers. At 14 years old, I did like everyone else and joined the Club de vélo de montagne Cyclone d’Alma. My attachment to the Club and my coach’s constant support allowed me to persevere in the sport despite school, injuries and obstacles. So really, I didn’t choose to become a professional cyclist, I simply had the chance to pursue my passion thanks to the nonstop support from my second family, the Club, and here I am today!


3.What’s your favourite riding type ?

People would think cross-country would be my spontaneous answer, but since I started enduro, I just love it! Enduro allows cyclists to discover new trails while riding with friends, at a rhythm that suits everyone, but by challenging themselves in specific downhill sections that are timed. It’s like leaving for a big adventure; you don’t know what’s waiting for you, but you know that it will all be done in good company and that you will have many stories to tell afterwards!

4.Why do you use Strava?

Unlike many people, I use Strava in order to accumulate the titles of Queen of the Mountain (QOM) in downhill and not for climbs (!) for road and mountain bike. I also use it to save and remember the itineraries I’ve done around the world, or to find the most popular routes when I travel to new places.  


5.What are you most proud of as a cyclist, what is your biggest accomplishment?

What I am most proud of is that even after 14 years of cycling, my love for the sport continues to grow. I am proud to be able to rank well during international events in cross-country, road and enduro and as well during cyclocross and downhill competitions. My biggest accomplishment is to have been able to overcome some personal obstacles and difficulties linked to cycling, which allowed me to discover and know myself better through competitions.


6.Did cycling teach you a lesson? If so, what is it?

Cycling taught me to listen to myself. I have always been uncomfortable with my insatiable curiosity: my entourage and the leaders of sports federations would complain and tell me I didn’t take enough time for myself or that I did not invest myself enough in what I did. I go to university full time in addition to training and working, and I love to compete in road, enduro or even in running events during the low season. In 2018, I decided to listen to what everyone was suggesting, to slow down and to concentrate on cycling only and it turned out to be the most difficult year I have ever lived both in terms of performance and mental health. So I learned that I must continue to be faithful to the lifestyle that makes me happy, even if it is different or perceived as too intense for some. A busy and fast-pace lifestyle makes ME feel good and that’s the only thing that matters.

7.What are your projects for 2019?

My main goal is to rank well in the four stages of the Cross Country World Cup taking place in Germany, Czech Republic, Andorra and the United States, in order to be selected for the XCO World Championships which will be held at Mont-Sainte-Anne at the end of August. I will also have the chance to participate in the MégAvalanche Alpe d’Huez, an enduro race with a mass start taking place on the snow at the top of Alpe d'Huez. The goal is to arrive as quickly as possible at the bottom of the mountain.


8.What motivates you to always keep going forward?

I have no trouble being motivated, as I always have a thousand and one ideas. I also get super inspired when I see someone who does something that I can’t do. However, when I have a goal in mind, I have to make small, short-term objectives because I tend to scatter. I also know that my long-term goal might evolve with time and that I have to be comfortable modifying it or even totally change it.


9.What advice would you give to a girl who wants to start mountain biking? According to you what makes mountain biking such a great sport?

I would tell all the girls that want to start mountain biking to go for it, to start this new adventure determined and with someone they trust. A lot is happening all at once on a mountain bike: the suspensions, the tires, the brakes, the gears, now add on some roots, rocks, sand and trees, no doubt, mountain biking can be scary! “You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time”. For every ride, give yourself some small and accomplishable goals, and be proud of your every little achievement! It is what makes the beauty of the sports, every ride is an opportunity to get better!


10.Which cycling trip destination would you recommend without hesitation?

For road cycling, California! It’s my favorite training spot. More specifically, the Santa Monica Mountains, North-West from Los Angeles. The scenery is incredible with the sun and the ocean, there are long climbs, good coffee stops, great workout companions, and miles and miles of road, you can never get tired of. For mountain bike, British-Columbia! Also for its magnificent panoramas, but mostly for the diversity of the trails in a forest that is just impressive. We can look far for beautiful travel destinations, but I personally find that the relax,  hippie kind of lifestyle of the people from the Canadian and American West Coast is the vive that represents best cycling.


11.Why choose to ride with the PEPPERMINT colors?

For me, PEPPERMINT represents cheerfulness and freshness, it’s the pride of being a woman, it’s an identity. I am always happy to pass by a girl who wears PEPPERMINT, we say hi and I have the impression that I know her already, like an old friend. There is this strong feeling of community, a share of values, of leadership and of commitment that stands out from the simple fact that we are wearing PEPPERMINT. I chose to ride with PEPPERMINT because I feel like I can be myself, proud, woman, strong and cyclist.


12.What is your favourite PEPPERMINT product?

Although I’d rather ride during super hot days, I think my favourite PEPPERMINT item is the long-sleeve jersey. The fabric is soft and the fit is super comfortable.


13.What crazy idea would you suggest to PEPPERMINT?

PEPPERMINT already has plenty of crazy ideas that keep surprising me year after year! It’s one of the reasons why I completely trust them to represent me.

But if I had a crazy idea to suggest, it would be for PEPPERMINT to take part on a project that I have been cherishing for a few years now. I would like to create a program for young women cyclists in order to coach them and allow them to fully live their passion and ambition.


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